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Getting help

Eating disorders are often associated with secrecy and shame. As a result, it can be frightening and difficult to seek out support. Even so, if you have an eating disorder, it is important to get help. Remember, you are not alone! And, the sooner you get help, the sooner you will benefit. Eating disorders are serious illnesses that are often too complex to fix on your own. The most effective kind of treatment is multidisciplinary, including:

  • medical treatment to monitor the physical complications that result from the eating disorder (for example, cardiac problems, dental problems, dehydration)
  • nutritional guidance to provide education on healthy eating
  • individual therapy to address the underlying feelings and thoughts that have been managed by the eating disorder
  • group or family therapy to address the impact of the eating disorder on the family and provide support for the underlying family issues that may not have been addressed


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Getting help


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