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 A multi-disciplinary approach is the best way to manage osteoporosis. This means working to:

  • prevent falls
  • improve diet
  • increase exercise
  • stop smoking
  • limit caffeine and alcohol consumption
  • control the pain and other symptoms that result from a fracture
  • choose appropriate medications

Choosing drug therapies

When choosing the medication that best suits your needs, you and your doctor will need to consider:

  • your risk factors for osteoporosis, if you do not have osteoporosis but are at risk of developing it
  • the degree of bone loss (osteopenia versus osteoporosis)
  • your fracture history or risk of fracture
  • other diseases you may have and other medications you take that may contribute to bone loss

You and your doctor will also want to consider the pros and cons of the specific medication, such as:

  • its effects on bone
  • its long-term benefits weighed against the risks
  • your need for medication
  • convenience
  • side-effects
  • interaction(s) with other drugs
  • cost
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