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October 2011

Ask the Expert

Every month womenshealthmatters.ca invites an expert to answer readers’ questions on a specific topic.

This month's topic: Total joint replacement surgery

In October we welcome Dr. Cory Borkhoff, a post-doctoral fellow at the Women’s College Research Institute. Dr. Borkhoff is part of the Canadian Osteoarthritis Research Program (CORP).

Are you considering the possibility of total joint replacement surgery, or simply want to learn more about it? Do you have questions about what’s involved in the procedure or when it’s necessary? What about how it’s performed and the recovery process?

Dr. Borkhoff is standing by to answer your questions about total joint replacement surgery. Send your questions now!

Last month's topic: Carrying your summer fitness into fall and winter

In September we welcome Stephanie Naulls, a professional advisor for the kinesiology/athletic therapy group at Women’s College Hospital. Being healthy and active in the spring and summer months can be simple and fun because of the warm weather and long days. But don’t let the weather discourage you from carrying these activities into the colder months.Stephanie is standing by to answer your questions about Carrying your summer fitness into fall and winter. Send your questions now!

More Topics: Visit the Ask the Expert Archives where you can find questions and answers on a variety of health topics.


A call to action on the oppression of girls and women around the world

A Women’s College scientist urges states, organizations and individuals to oppose wordwide gendered oppression. More>>

All about over-the-counter pain relievers

Learn about different over-the-counter pain medications, and how to use them safely and effectively. More>>


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Online Mental Health Centre

Perinatal Mental Health

Mother MattersPregnancy is often a time of excitement and great joy, and it is a time of tremendous change and stress. During this transition a woman is vulnerable to developing mental health difficulties such as mood and anxiety disorders, even if she has no prior history of mental health difficulties. The two most common perinatal mental health difficulties are depression and anxiety. The Women’s College Online Mental Health Program offers information on risks and how to look after yourself, as well as interactive support groups. The Mother Matters professionally moderated online group for new moms is now underway. Look for opportunities to join a Mother Matters group in the near future.


News from Women’s College Hospital Foundation

Women for Women’s Annual Luncheon 2011

Women for Women’s Annual Luncheon 2011

On October 28th hundreds of women will be eating lunch and shaping the future of health care. Oh, just another example of multi-tasking.

Please join Women’s College Hospital Foundation for a special luncheon with an inspiring cause. We are uniting women over lunch in support of Women’s College Hospital.  Learn more at www.womenforwomens.ca.


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