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July 2012

Organic produce the freshest choice? Find out whether or not organic produce should be added to your grocery list. This month’s Question of Health focuses on the unanswered questions surrounding the relevance of an organic diet for you and your family. Check out our news and features sections for even more up-to-date information on women’s health.  


Want to learn more about the importance of healthy environments and environmental sensitivities? Visit our environmental health clinic and discussion forum to discover other women’s experiences.


A Question of Health

Every month Women’s Health Matters will be recruiting an expert to answer a question about a health issue that’s in the news or on women’s minds

This month’s topic: Is organic produce worth your while?

In July, Women’s College Hospital nurse education co-ordinator Gloria Fraser explains if it’s worth your while to go organic by discussing the key benefit of organic produce, what to keep in mind when purchasing organic fruits and veggies, as well as alternatives to an organic diet.

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 Spirometry: the health test that's often overlooked For World Spirometry Day on June 27, Women’s Health Matters spoke to Women’s College Hospital respirologist Dr. Anna Day about what the test is, and why it’s so important for many women to have one.

Dealing with potential stressors in Aboriginal women with HIV For National Aboriginal Awareness Day, Women’s Health Matters spoke to Dr. Anita Benoit of the Women’s College Research Institute about her research, which focuses on social indicators of stress among Aboriginal women living with HIV.

Ergonomics gives you the perfect fit at work Looking around your office workstation design can offer new insights into your work productivity and health.

This summer, keep sun protection in mind while you’re having fun in the sun Whether you’re going on vacation or staying at home this summer, you should always be aware of the dangers of the sun and how to best protect your skin.

In our news section

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Women's College Research Institute

Breaking down barriers between women and cardiac rehab Women with heart problems rarely participate in cardiac rehabilitation, even though it’s proven very effective for reducing risk of recurrence. Dr. Paula Harvey uncovers a number of barriers that dissuade women, and proposes a few ways to overcome them.

Molecular mechanism may explain why more women than men get MS Three times as many women as men develop multiple sclerosis, but scientists don’t understand why. Assistant professor of Immunology, Dr. Shannon Dunn, has made a recent discovery that helps to explain why.

Bringing innovative care to Bangladesh Women's College adjunct scientist Dr. Ophira Ginsburg is training Bangladeshi women to become advocates of health while improving their peers' understanding of the treatability of breast cancer.

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Online Mental Health Centre

Eating disorders are a serious health concern for women. This mental health problem is not simply an issue of appearance; it is a disorder that is developed to try and cope with severe emotional difficulties. Women with an eating disorder purge or deprive themselves of food as a form of emotional anesthesia. The release of endorphins or feeling of euphoria makes the person forget the real issues that have led to the disorder. Eating disorders have a vicious cycle, and women should be aware of the risk factors that can potentially lead to detrimental health problems. Visit the Eating Disorders section of our Online Mental Health Centre to learn more about the types of eating disorders, the different resources available, and how you can get help to overcome the disorder.



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