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February 2013

What are your heart health risks? This month’s Question of Health explains ways you can minimize your heart health risks.


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A Question of Health

Every month Women’s Health Matters will be recruiting an expert to answer a question about a health issue that’s in the news or on women’s minds.

This month’s topic: How can I reduce my heart health risks?

February is heart health month, so we spoke to Jennifer Price, an advanced practice nurse with the Women’s Cardiovascular Health Initiative at Women’s College Hospital, about heart health risks and how to reduce them.

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Income level may affect diabetes risk – The risk of developing diabetes may be significantly greater in lower income groups compared to higher income groups, a new study from Women’s College Research Institute and the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences shows.

New research explores effects of intimate partner violence in immigrant and Canadian-born women – A new research study highlights differences and similarities in how Canadian-born and immigrant women experience intimate partner violence.

New study highlights intimate partner violence by a former partner in immigrant and Canadian-born women – A recent research study offers new insights into intimate partner violence as experienced by immigrant women in Canada.

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Online Mental Health Centre

Mother Matters

The Mental Health Program at Women’s College Hospital is offering an online support group for new moms, called Mother Matters. This online support group is confidential and an opportunity for new mothers to share their emotional difficulties associated with transitioning into motherhood. Each week a new topic related to life with a new baby is addressed and women are also welcome to introduce topics of concern to them. This is a professionally moderated group co-facilitated by mental health professionals from the Reproductive Life Stages Program within our Mental Health Program at Women’s College Hospital.

The Mental Health Program is currently accepting applications to participate in Mother Matters. The group will last for six weeks and begins in February 2013. For more information on the program and eligibility requirements, please visit our website.

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