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December 2011

Ask the Expert

Every month womenshealthmatters.ca invites an expert to answer readers’ questions on a specific topic.

Last month’s topic: Get the FAQ about the FLU (shot)

In November, our guest expert was Jessica Ip, infection prevention and control (IP&C) practitioner at Women’s College Hospital.

Do you have questions about how flu vaccines work? Are you curious to know who should and should not receive the flu shot? What about the possible side effects of the flu shot? Now is the perfect time to get those questions answered from a reliable source.

Read Jessica’s answers to your questions about the flu shot. 

Jessica Ip Bio:

Jessica Ip, infection prevention and control (IP&C) practitioner at Women’s College Hospital. In her previous role as an IP&C co-ordinator, she played an integral part in the advancement of the Hand Hygiene Program at WCH. In addition to this role, she has worked as a project co-ordinator at the University Health Network where she planned and co‑ordinated a national patient safety initiative designed to reduce the spread of “superbugs” in health-care facilities.

At Women’s College Hospital, Jessica is a key driver in the development, implementation and evaluation of infection prevention and control practices, ensuring compliance with government and external agencies. She is also an active member of the Toronto Practitioners in Infection Control, a chapter of Community and Hospital Infection Control – Canada (CHICA).

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This newly added section to the Online Mental Health Centre focuses on eating disorders and how they are a serious health concern for women. It addresses the vicious cycle, different types of eating disorders and risk factors and also has information on how to get help, resources and references that may be useful.

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