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April 2012

It’s time to start your spring cleaning! Take the time to choose your cleaning supplies wisely. This month’s Question of Health focuses on environmental health and what you need to know about the toxins found in household cleaners. Check out our news and features sections for up-to-date health information regarding women’s health issues.


Share information and talk to other women about environmental health issues in our Environmental Health discussion forum.

Visit our Environmental Health Centre to learn more about:

Find out why a growing number of organizations are adopting scent-free policies. Read our feature article Why scent-free makes sense.

A Question of Health

Every month Women’s Health Matters will be recruiting an expert to answer a question about a health issue that’s in the news or on women’s minds

This month’s topic: Environmental Health

In April, Women’s Health Matters talked to Gloria Fraser, nurse education co-ordinator with the Environmental Health Clinic at Women’s College Hospital, about how to stay healthy while we clean. Fraser’s advice: go green when you clean.

2012 Annual F.M. Hill Lecture

Join us on April 17 for the 2012 annual F.M. Hill Lecture, featuring renowned headache expert Dr. Christine Lay, founding director of the Women’s College Hospital Centre for Headache. RSVP to vaughn.gillson@wchospital.ca to reserve your spot.


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Sizing up portions: what’s on your plate?
With terms like supersize and venti quickly becoming a part of everyday language, it’s easy to lose perspective on how much we are eating and drinking.

Why scent-free makes sense
Find out why a growing number of organizations are adopting scent-free policies.

Sleep tight: why we need a good night’s sleep
Getting a good night’s sleep is beneficial to all aspects of a woman’s health, and can even reduce the risk of heart disease.

Cholesterol basics
The body basics series explores cholesterol: what is and what it means for your heart health.

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All news stories.

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Mother Matters

Are you a new mom adjusting to having a baby? Do you have questions about sleeping? Feeding? Or, questions about how to manage the change in your self-identity? Your sexuality? Your relationship with your partner? Consider joining our online support group Mother Matters.



Online Mental Health Centre

Starting in childhood, girls have higher rates of anxiety disorders than boys. In fact, by the age of six, more girls are diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. This difference continues through adolescence and into adulthood, when twice as many women have an anxiety disorder compared to men. This month, take the time to visit our Anxiety section of our Online Mental Health Centre for information on recognizing the difference between normal anxiety and an anxiety disorder, and for additional resources available for getting help.



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