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Too Young to Be a Woman

By Donna

I was only nine years of age when I started my period.

My parents had separated and divorced that year. My mother was dating I recall and her date happened to be at the house on the exact day that I started my period. I believe I knew something about it happening to teenagers but not nine year olds.

I can remember being embarrassed to tell my mother and more embarrassed, as she had to go to the store to buy some Kotex pads.

I am now the mother of an eight-year-old daughter. She is well aware of my story and that it may well be hers very soon. She hopefully will be more prepared.

I will have to put Kotex pads on the grocery list in the near future. I want her to know how to use them and where to find them when the time comes.

I can't lie and paint a 'rosy' picture of her plight for the next 45-50 years. The upbeat cheery line that 'now you are a young woman' as celebrated in the popular novel 'The Red Tent' will not be part of her story.

If she can be prepared, accept this monthly process as a matter of course, and carry on with her childhood then I will have done my part.

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