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Endometriosis sufferers: you are not alone

By Annie

I am 24 years of age and have recently been diagnosed with stage 2 endometriosis.

I had a laparoscopy in May to remove two ovarian cysts and the gynaecologist claimed that I did not have endometriosis even when I told him I was in pain still at my eight-week follow up consultation.

Needless to say I found another gynecologist who performed a second laparoscopy a month ago and removed yet another cyst and discovered endo. This was lasered away but the pain is still there.

I have been prescribed Tranexamic acid and advised to go on Prostap, but I am very hesitant and am scared of the side effects. My pain is there every day, a dull aching in my back, down my legs and pain in my groin.

I have lost my appetite and feel sick. I have had numerous internal examinations and the pain is unreal. I have also experienced pain on urination and bowel movements. The doctor said that perhaps there is endo deep within the tissue that he couldn’t see during the operation, but I don’t see how Prostap is a way out if it might only delay the inevitability of pain.

Online support groups have been great, as I realise that I am not the only person in pain. When you tell people that you have endometriosis, they just look at you blankly.

I am frustrated at the lack of information out there. Many doctors I have met do not understand what it is like, nor do they comprehend what you may be going through.

At the moment I am so upset and confused at what to do next – half afraid to rush into hormonal treatment but also afraid that this disease will progress.

I am unable to work at the moment. I have made another appointment to see my gynecologist in a month’s time. The thought of that keeps me going, in the hope he will talk to me – but whenever I meet him I am so overwhelmed that all my questions go out the window.

From what I gather, I might be in pain for the rest of my life, or until menopause at least.

For everyone out there with this, I know what you are going through.

(Reprinted with permission of the author from www.endometriosis.org.uk.)

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