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Your Stories

Do you have a story to tell? Every day, women strive to be healthier by making positive changes in their lives. Every day, women and their loved ones cope with chronic conditions. Every day, women care for themselves and those around them, through all kinds of health issues. By sharing your stories, tips and experiences, you may help or inspire other women experiencing similar challenges.

We encourage you to use this resource for community support. Getting clear and medically accurate information from health-care professionals is vital, but we can also learn from each other through our shared stories.  Please remember that the experiences described are those of the women who write them and are not a direct reflection of the values and beliefs of Women’s College Hospital. We review all of the stories that are submitted and post the ones we feel will be beneficial to our readers. We reserve the right to edit submissions for length and content.

Submit your story:

Please send submissions by e-mail, both as a Word .doc attachment, and copied and pasted into the message (in case we can't open the attachment). Send submissions toeditor@womenshealthmatters.ca with the words "Your Stories" in the subject line. All stories will be published anonymously.


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