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Art Not Violence

The Art Not Violence Project is a collaboration of Women's College Hospital, the Women’s College Research Institute, and the University of Toronto. Our aim is to create much-needed visibility for the issue of violence, in particular, violence against women and children.

In 2000, Art Not Violence initiated a postcard and poster campaign to educate staff, patients and the public about the pressing need to find creative solutions to end violence, and the important role Art Therapy plays in treatment. This institution-wide campaign featured art made by Art Therapy clients in various programs operating within Women's College Hospital.

Since the inception of Art Not Violence, we have promoted clients’ creativity while raising awareness about the magnitude of violence’s effects on each individual and within our society as a whole. We also work to disseminate information about the resources available to counteract the problem of violence.

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Read more services offered at the Sexual Assault and Abuse focused programs at Women’s College Hospital. If you are - or have been - a client of one of these programs, and would like to submit your artwork to the online gallery, please contact: Eva-Marie Stern.

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