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Welcome to the Ask the Expert archives, where you can find questions sent in by readers, and answers from women's health experts.

Archive of 2011 Questions and Answers.

November 2011 - Jessica Ip on FAQ about the Flu
October 2011 - Dr. Cory Borkhoff on Total Joint Replacement
September 2011 - Stephanie Naulls on Carrying Summer Fitness into Fall and Winter
August 2011 - Dr. Julia Alleyne on Facts and Myths About Concussion
July 2011 - Dr. Catherine Classen on Trauma
June 2011 - Nurses from the Henrietta Banting Breast Centre on Breast Cancer Screening & Surgery
May 2011 - Dr. Valerie Taylor on Obesity & Depression
April 2011 - The interdisciplinary team from The Journey to Become Smoke-Free on Becoming Smoke-Free
March 2011 - Dr. Ari Y. Baratz on Fertility Care
February 2011 - Wellness for Independent Seniors (WISE) on Winter Safety for Older Adults
January 2011 - Dr. Sheila Laredo on Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

Archive of 2010 Questions and Answers.

December 2010 - Sonja Cobham on Seasonal Flu
November 2010 - The Tridec team on Diabetes
October 2010 - Dr. Paula Harvey on Blood Pressure
September 2010 - Dr. Anu Tandon on Sleep
August 2010 - Environmental Health Team from Women’s College Hospital on Environmental Health
July 2010 - Dr. An-Wen Chan on Skin Cancer
June 2010 - Alzheimer Society of Canada on Alzheimer’s Disease
May 2010 - Dr. Sandra Kim and Ina R. on Osteoporosis
April 2010 - Dr. Stephen Holzapfel on Sexual Health.
March 2010 - Heather Robinson on Women and Fitness
February 2010 - Jennifer Price and Dr. Leonard Sternberg on Heart Disease
January 2010 - Justin Turner on Foot Care

Archive of 2009 Questions and Answers.

December 2009 - Dr. Abby Hershler, Dr. Maithili Shetty and Dr. Nadiya Sunderji, and Almuth Weigeldt on Winter Blues and Seasonal Affective Disorder
November 2009 - Dr. Nowell Solish and Dr. Christian Murray on Skin Care
October 2009 - Sonja Cobham on Seasonal Flu and H1N1
September 2009 - Dr. E. Laura Cruz on Back Care and Back Pain
August 2009 - Dr. Steven Narod on Breast Cancer
July 2009 - Kinga Balogh, Jenna Egan, Lina Jobanputra and Tania Obljubek on Aging Wisely
June 2009 - Kinga Balogh, Helen Emanoilidis and Carolyn Christo on Nutrition and Women
May 2009 - Dr. Anna Day on Sex Differences
April 2009 - Dr. Sandra Kim on Thyroid
March 2009 - Dr. Anthony Levitt on Anxiety and Depression in the Workplace
February 2009 - Janice Du Mont and Sheila Macdonald on Violence Against Women
January 2009 - Dr. Dana Jerome on Arthritis

Archive of 2008 Questions and Answers.

December 2008 - Dr. Rebecca Herman on Contraception
November 2008 - Angela Wrobel on Workplace Health and Safety
October 2008 - Dr. Kung on Endometriosis
September 2008 - Sherbourne Health Centre on Lesbian, Bisexual and Queer Women’s Health Issues
August 2008 - Dr. Marek Gawel on Migraine
July 2008 - Dr. Karen Glass on Infertility
June 2008 - Dr. Christine Friedenreich on Cancer Prevention and Screening
May 2008 - Dr. Tuhina Biswas on Sexually Transmitted Infections
April 2008 - Dr. Eric Leith on Allergies
March 2008 - Dr. Lynne Peters on Mental Health Issues Throughout the Lifespan
February 2008 - France Farley on Staying Healthy As You Age
January 2008 - Pascale Bellemare on New Year’s Resolutions: Getting Fit

Archive of 2007 Questions and Answers.

December 2007 - Dao Le on Medications
November 2007 - Suzanne Côté-Grimes on Healthy Eating for Women
October 2007 - Dr. Sheila Laredo on PCOS
September 2007 - TRIDEC team on Diabetes
August 2007 - Dr. Carla Rice on Body Image
July 2007 - Eileen McMahon on Menstruation
June 2007 - Dr. Pamela Lenkov on Breast Health
May 2007 - Ann Douglas on Work/Life Balance
April 2007 - Dr. Grace Liu on Fibroids
March 2007 - Dr. June Carroll and Andrea Rideout on Prenatal and Newborn Screening
February 2007 - Deanna Groetzinger on Multiple Sclerosis
January 2007 - Joyce Curry on Women and Relationships

Archive of 2006 Questions and Answers.

December 2006 - Sheila Behnke on Women and Disability
November 2006 - Jeffrey Roberts on IBS
October 2006 - Dr. Meredith Chivers on Women's Sexuality and Sexual Response
September 2006 - Beth Mansfield on Fitness
August 2006 - The Canadian Continence Foundation on Incontinence
July 2006 - Sandra Walsh on Skincare
June 2006 - Julie Giroux on Footcare
May 2006 - Caroline Tapp-McDougall on Eldercare
April 2006 - Dr. Mandana Nikpour & Julia Kane on Lupus
March 2006 - Dr. Josephine Etowa on Black Women's Health
February 2006 - Dr. Alexandra Papaioannou on Osteoporosis
January 2006 - Dawn Hemmingway on Rural, Remote and Northern Women



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