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Find news on research and issues that affect the health of Canadian women.

Pregnancy around the time of breast cancer diagnosis does not affect survival, study finds

For women with breast cancer, pregnancy does not increase the risk of dying, new research shows. While breast cancer is less common among younger women, those who are diagnosed in their child-bearing years may have a pregnancy around the time of their diagnosis and treatment. The number of women...

Unsuccessful fertility treatment linked to increased cardiovascular risks

A new study that looked at women who had undergone fertility treatments found that cardiovascular problems were more common in the women whose fertility treatments failed compared to those who gave birth. The study included women who had fertility treatment in Ontario between April 1993 and March...

Researchers estimate that public coverage of essential medicines could save billions

Publicly funding coverage of essential medications would cut the overall cost of prescribing these drugs by about $3 billion, a new study estimates. Much of the savings would come from bulk discounts: buying in high volume for the whole country would mean a much lower price. Researchers modelled...

Exercise is most important lifestyle factor in reducing risk of breast cancer recurrence, study finds

A new study of lifestyle factors in breast cancer survivors found that exercise had the most powerful effect in reducing the risk of breast cancer recurrence and death. Maintaining a healthy weight was also linked to lower risk of recurrence. Researchers Julia Hamer and Ellen Warner from...

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