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September 2011

  Ask the Expert

Every month womenshealthmatters.ca invites an expert to answer readers’ questions on a specific topic.

This month's topic: Carrying your summer fitness into fall and winter

In September we welcome Stephanie Naulls, a professional advisor for the kinesiology/athletic therapy group at Women’s College Hospital. Being healthy and active in the spring and summer months can be simple and fun because of the warm weather and long days. But don’t let the weather discourage you from carrying these activities into the colder months.Stephanie is standing by to answer your questions about Carrying your summer fitness into fall and winter. Send your questions now!

Last month’s topic: Facts and Myths About Concussion

In August our guest expert was Dr. Julia Alleyne, a sport medicine physician and medical director of Sport CARE at Women’s College Hospital in Toronto.

Symptoms of concussion may range from headache, confusion and memory problems, to unconsciousness and seizures, and these symptoms may not occur immediately.

Read Dr. Alleyne’s answers to your questions about the Facts and Myths of Concussion.

More Topics: Visit the Ask the Expert Archives where you can find questions and answers on a variety of health topics.


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 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon’s Charity ChallengeGet a Running Start - Join Team Women’s College TODAY!On Sunday, October 16, TAKE ACTION — run, walk or wheel for Women's College! Participate in the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon by joining Team Women’s College.

This fall will mark the third year Team Women’s College will be involved in the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon’s Charity Challenge. Participants in the full marathon, half-marathon and 5km race can join the team and raise funds and awareness for the hospital by asking family and friends to support their effort. More >>

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