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March 2013

Headache: what’s normal and what may need treatment.  This month’s Question of Health probes headaches.


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A Question of Health

Every month Women’s Health Matters will be recruiting an expert to answer a question about a health issue that’s in the news or on women’s minds.

This month’s topic: When should I see a doctor about headaches?

Most people get a headache from time to time. But what’s the difference between a common headache and migraine headaches, when should you see a doctor and what does your doctor need to know?

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Eating disorders are serious mental health conditions that disproportionately affect women (over 90 per cent of people with eating disorders are women). These conditions are not about appearance, being thin or seeking attention, but often develop as a way to cope with difficult and painful feelings. Find resources and information about different types of eating disorders, as well as risk factors and what kinds of help are available, in our Online Mental Health Centre.

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