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January 2012

Happy new year to all of our readers. We’ll be introducing some exciting changes in 2012, starting this month with our new series called A Question of Health. We wish all of our readers a happy and healthy 2012!

A Question of Health

Every month Women’s Health Matters will be recruiting an expert to answer a question about a health issue that’s in the news or on women’s minds.

This month’s topic:  Realistic Health Resolutions

In January, we asked Dr. Danielle Martin, a family physician with the Women’s College Hospital Family Practice Health Centre, for some realistic resolutions that can make a real difference for a healthier 2012. Read her top three choices here.

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Online Mental Health Centre

January is a time when many people resolve to take better care of themselves. This year, be sure to include mental health and well-being in your resolutions. Good mental health is more than not having an illness. Just as we can pursue physical fitness by taking care of our bodies, we can also pursue optimum mental health by taking care of our minds. The Mental Health and Well-Being section of our Online Mental Health Centre is full of information and resources for making mental health and well-being a priority for 2012.

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