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February 2012

Happy heart health month to all of our readers! This month, take control of your heart health. February’s Question of Health focuses on women’s heart disease, and ways to prevent it from happening to you. Check out our features section for additional ways to increase your heart health through diet and exercise.

A Question of Health

Every month Women’s Health Matters will be recruiting an expert to answer a question about a health issue that’s in the news or on women’s minds.

This month’s topic:  Heart Disease Symptoms

In February, we asked Jennifer Price, an advanced practice nurse with the Women’s Cardiovascular Health Initiative at Women’s College Hospital, for information on the differences in heart disease symptoms between men and women, and tips for maintaining heart health. Read more on maintaining heart health here.

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In our news section

All news stories.

Online Mental Health Centre

The first week of February marks Eating Disorders Awareness Week at Women’s College Hospital. Eating disorders are a serious mental and physical health concern for women. This month, challenge yourself to think differently about food and weight, reach out to those who may be struggling with body image, and encourage others to celebrate the diversity of beautiful, healthy bodies. Take the time to visit our Eating Disorders section of our Online Mental Health Centre for information on getting and offering help and the various resources available.


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