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April 2013

How can I reduce the amount of sodium in my diet?  Sodium is a nutrient that your body needs, but modern eating habits make it easy – and common – to get more than necessary.


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A Question of Health

Every month Women’s Health Matters will be recruiting an expert to answer a question about a health issue that’s in the news or on women’s minds.

This month’s topic: How can I reduce my sodium intake?

This month, we spoke to Nicole Bourgeois, registered dietitian with the Family Practice Care Centre at Women’s College Hospital, about how much sodium we need, why too much can be a problem, and ways to reduce our sodium intake.

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Online Mental Health Centre

In Canada, substance abuse has been on the rise amongst women for the past 15 years; still the public has yet to be thoroughly informed on this issue. Women living with addiction face unique physiological concerns when it comes to substance abuse and substance dependence.  These women may be more vulnerable to the long-term effects of drug or substance addiction, such as disease and hormonal interferences.  The addiction section of our online mental health centre provides further information regarding substance dependence, the prevalence of women’s substance abuse, as well as resources to overcome the condition. If you or someone you know thinks they may have an addiction problem the online mental health centre provides a quiz to define a person’s substance abuse condition.

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