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Feature Articles

Diabetes has health effects unique to women

In Canada, diabetes now affects over 1 million women. The fastest-growing group of diabetes patients is women under age 49, and this increasing burden of diabetes in younger women has broader implications for women’s health.

Hypertension for her: high blood pressure affects women differently than men

High blood pressure – or hypertension – is common in both men and women, especially as we age. However, it tends to follow different patterns over the course of men’s and women’s lifetimes.

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A Question of Health

This month's topic: Fall prevention: home hazards
Fall prevention averts more than just falls. It also prevents the injuries, chronic pain, disability, loss of mobility, and even deaths that falls cause. Because many falls – especially in older adults – still occur at home, that’s a good place to start.

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Latest health news

Researchers identify factors that may account for statin treatment gap between women and men
Statins are equally effective in women and men, but women are less likely to be prescribed these medications. A new study identifies four factors that may be the major contributors to this health gap.

New study links specific course of depression symptoms to dementia risk
A study of different patterns of depression in older adults found that those with steadily increasing depression symptoms had higher risk of developing dementia.

Study links endometriosis to higher risk of coronary heart disease
Women with endometriosis may have higher risk of heart attack, angina, or having bypass surgery or angioplasty, new research indicates. These risks were more pronounced in women under age 40.

International study links walkable neighbourhoods to higher physical activity levels
A new study provides further evidence of the link between urban environments and physical activity. The study included 14 cities in 10 countries on five continents.

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Online Mental Health Program:
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